Sydney is Australia’s largest city, with research suggesting that by June 2019 the population will have reached a whopping 5.73 million. That means that in less than 10 years the population has grown by over 1.5 million, and is still growing.

Sydney is a city that is constantly trying to keep up with population growth. New roads are being built to help move people around the city with more ease as the congestion becomes unbearable during rush hour. Buses are no longer enough to move people from A to B, especially during the height of summer when thousands of tourists invade the city, so Sydney has introduced the Light Rail (although still a work in progress). Houses are being knocked down, and in their place, new multi-dwelling apartment blocks are being built in force to house to an ever-increasing population.

Between the construction works throughout the city, whether it be the new transport infrastructure or new homes being built, the increasing number of cars on the roads, planes flying overhead throughout the day, fireworks for every occasion (pretty sure there is a firework show on somewhere every day of the week in Sydney), or simply the guy choosing to walk down the street talking loudly into the phone, Sydney is a very noisy city to live in. Even when you are trying to escape the business in the sanctuary of your own home. Are soundproof windows the answer to all of our noise problems?

How Do Soundproof Windows Work

Soundproof windows; we’ve all heard the rumours but are likely yet to experience it for ourselves. But they are real, and they are within your reach. Double glazed windows have been popular overseas in the US and Europe for decades. Not only are the designs durable, stylish and energy efficient, but they provide sound reduction technology that traditional single pane windows just can’t compete with.

Standard windows in the home are made from a single sheet of 3mm glass. This provides a very poor level of acoustic insulation. Using thicker glass can provide additional insulation, but still not enough to combat that loud motorcycle revving past your house at 11 pm or the drilling from the worksite down the road at 7 am. This coupled with poorly sealed frames means that most of us suffer through the outside noise so much that we become accustomed to it.

Double glazing is a noise reduction system comprising of two panes of glass, a gap between the two panes containing a unique gas, and a specialised frame. These three elements work together to create soundproof insulation between the inside and outside of a window or door in your home.

The additional pane of glass, the further insulation with the gap between the two frames, and the superior versatility of uPVC as a material manage to filter out the annoyance of passing traffic, dogs barking or your neighbour loudly entertaining in the garden. Furthermore, the advanced technology used to create the seals between the panes of glass and the window/door fitting itself allows for acoustic insulation like no other.

Why Soundproof Windows Should Be A Priority For Your Home Or Work

With Sydney’s population continuing to grow, the city is only going to get louder. More people, more residences required, more vehicles on the road, more planes overhead…

Let’s look at some stats:

12mm thick glass can achieve a 35-decibel reduction in sound pollution.

20mm thick glass can achieve a 45-decibel reduction in sound pollution.

At Integra Windows, our most common configuration for our double glazed windows is 4mm clear glass x 16mm air gap x 4mm clear glass, providing in excess of a 45-decibel reduction in outside sound.

But we haven’t stopped there. Our multi-locking system adds to the quality of our uPVC windows. We also offer a new soft laminate coating to all of our window and door products, that literally ‘bounces sound away’, a revolutionary innovation that has only recently been introduced to the market and we are one of the only companies in Sydney able to offer such technology.

So why put up with the noise of the world when you don’t have to? Speak to our team of experts today at Integra Windows about how we can help you to soundproof your home, and keep your haven safe from the outside world.


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