If you hadn’t heard it enough from Game of Thrones these past months, let us repeat, winter is here. And as usual, we forget just how chilly these winter months can get in Sydney! Day time temperatures aren’t too bad, averaging at 17/18 degrees, but at night that’s when you really feel it, with temperatures dropping to as low as 8 degrees, or even lower depending on where you live.

Some of us try to suffer through it… add an extra layer of clothes on an evening, a hot water bottle, electric blanket, jump straight in a hot shower when we wake up on a chilly morning. Others invest in heating their property, whether it be portable oil or electric heaters, or turning your once life-saving air conditioning unit into a new life-saving heating system (life-saving may seem a bit dramatic, but that’s how it feels when we can’t control our temperature!). But as we all know, the latter doesn’t come cheap, meaning our electricity bills can soar in the winter months… not to mention having to use the dryer more often as clothes just don’t seem to dry in the cold, killing two birds with one stone whilst adding much-needed heat to the home!

Most of us don’t consider the bigger picture when it comes to heating our homes in winter. Instead we focus on quick fixes and short term solutions, then rinse and repeat year after year. But what if we told you that there is another way to keep you and your home warm during the winter months, and it doesn’t involve running up a hefty electricity bill, but in fact will help reduce the energy your home uses? The solution? Energy efficient window systems.

What Are Energy Efficient Windows?

We recently published an article on how uPVC double glazed windows and doors can save you money on rising energy costs (if you want to check it out click here). Stealing a couple of facts from that article, did you know that 40% of your home’s heat energy can be lost through windows and doors? That’s where energy efficient windows come in.

We’re talking about uPVC double glazed windows when we are referring to energy efficient windows. Let’s look at how double glazed windows provides an energy saving solution, that can keep the heat in your home during those chilly winter months.

  • uPVC – this is the material used for double glazed window frames. This material is a fantastic insulator as well as a low conductor, making it the perfect material for a window or door frame. Compared to wood that easily allows trapped heat to escape, or aluminium being a metal that is a great conductor of heat (so losing your heat or letting in the cold!).
  • Double the heat retention – double glazing involves trapping gas between two layers of glass. Having two panes of glass alone provides a higher level of insulation, but the gas in the middle of these two panes creates an additional way to slow down the transfer of heat, meaning these double glazed windows help keep the heat in your home for longer.
  • A winning combination – with uPVC holding together two frames of glass and trapping a low conductivity gas in between, you have a winning combination for keeping heat in your home this winter.

uPVC Double Glazed Windows – Not Just Saving Energy  

If you manage to lose less heat through your windows and doors next winter (or even this winter!) thanks to uPVC and double glazing energy efficient solutions you will thank us. But the benefits don’t end there. Why else is double glazing the best solution for your home, other than it’s energy efficiency?

  • Soundproofing technology – not only are those two panes of glass great for keeping heat in (or out, depending on the season), they can also help soundproof your home, reducing the amount of unnecessary noise from your surroundings.
  • Low maintenance – unlike a traditional material like wood that requires constant maintenance not only to maintain its appearance but actual functionality, uPVC double glazed windows require little to no maintenance. Think along the lines of giving the windows an occasional wipe with a damp cloth to clean them or a tiny bit of oil on a hinge.
  • Safe & secure – the multi-lock mechanisms in uPVC doors  and windows make them safe and secure, meaning you can rest easy on those cold winter nights. 

Want To Know More?

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