Our home is a place to relax and unwind. It’s a place we spend time with our families and friends. Taking the chance to watch our favourite TV show on an evening or curl up with a good book. It’s our safe haven. There are two types of homeowners; those who are happy and content in their abode and settle into their surroundings with ease, and those that are constantly looking for ways to improve it, whether it be a new picture to hang on the wall or realising those hallway skirting boards could do with a new lick of paint. No matter how you view your home or what type of homeowner you are, taking the time to understand if it is time to replace your windows is very important. So today we will look into some key reasons why you may choose to look into window replacement.

Catch My Draft?
Sydney is based on the coast and as a result we often feel strong winds throughout the year. But is the wind outside causing a whistle inside? Or during winter this year when you were close by to a window did you feel a cool draft of air and wonder where it was coming from? Noticing drafts from your windows is often one of the first signs that they need to be replaced. As these lead onto our next telltale sign…

Increase In Energy Costs
Noticed that your energy bill is slowly creeping up, and it’s got nothing to do with the energy prices? Having to leave the heating on that bit longer in winter and have the air con on more during the hotter months? Windows are doors are one of the top ways that energy can be lost from your home, for example through drafts (like the above point). So if you’re seeing an increase in your bills, maybe it’s time to look into replacement windows.

Single Pane Windows And Temperature Conductive Material As A Window Frame (Such As Aluminium)
Speaking of energy costs and how windows can be the main source of energy inefficiencies, often this comes down to the level of glazing. Single pane windows provide no insulation (as they are simply a single pane of glass between the inside of your home and outside conditions), no soundproofing and completely lack energy efficiency. If your home still has single-pane windows then it may be time to consider introducing double glazed windows to not only improve the energy efficiency of your home but also reduce the noise from the outside making its way inside! If you are hearing every single sound from outside when you’re trying to relax inside then you need to know that isn’t something you have to live with!

uPVC as a material is an insulator, that is why it insulates your property property when used as a window frame. If double glazing is installed in standard aluminium frame (not thermally broken) than aluminum will allow transfer heat/cold temperatures inside and out of your property. Aluminium makes Double glazing less efficient compared to uPVC.

Timber Windows?
Timber window frames have been a long-respected classic material for windows around the world. However, they don’t come without their issues and they require a lot of on-going maintenance to keep them not only working but looking good at the same time. Are your window frames starting to decay or rot due to poor maintenance?

Often the decay is visible in warping, cracks not only in the paint but the actual wood itself. You may find rot and mould as a result of condensation, or that the decay is causing nasty drafts. Check out your window sills too, as the frames aren’t the only thing to suffer. Unfortunately, if any of this is ringing true in your home, then it is likely time that you looked into replacing your windows.

Window Operation
As much as windows are designed to look good in the home, to fill our rooms with light and be aesthetically pleasing, ultimately they serve a purpose. Not only are they designed to bring light into the home but they are also there to provide ventilation. Windows should open and close with ease. If you are finding that your windows are becoming stiff and difficult or are simply not working at all, then it is definitely time to consider window replacements.

Double Glazed Windows
So far the issues we have outlined seem to be more related to older windows, that have timber frames or single panes of glass. But you also need to be aware of the signs to spot-on double glazed windows too. Do your double glazed windows have condensation or moisture in between the panes of glass?

This unfortunately is the result of a cracked seal somewhere. Meaning the gas between the panes has been lost, along with their energy efficiency. Not only doesn’t this look very good, but they are no longer working as they should be and it’s definitely time to look for some replacements!

Looking Good?
Last but not least, how do your windows look? When was the last time you looked at them properly? For those that are constantly looking at ways to improve their home you’ve probably already been scrutinising them, but for the other kind of homeowner, you probably haven’t given them a second thought as they’re fading into the background along with the walls! But windows in the home are such an important part of how our home looks, inside and out. Give them a good once over, while thinking of all of our previous points above.

Notice any cracks in the glass? Hear any whistles? How long has it been since you treated or painted your timber? Has it always been so noisy outside or have you not noticed before? Even try opening and closing them but paying closer attention to how much effort it actually is taking you to do so and if they still lock to help keep your home secure.

We hope today’s blog has given you plenty to think about, and maybe look at your windows in a different light… if you are considering replacement windows and would like to know more about double glazing options or uPVC frames if you haven’t before then contact the team at Integra Windows and Doors today who are experts waiting to help.


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