Deciding on new windows for your home may be an easy decision to make (depending on the state your current windows have managed to get themselves into over the years!), but choosing the window type you want to replace your existing windows with is where the decision takes on a whole new dimension of difficult. It’s a perfect balance between aesthetics and function. Selecting a shape, position, functionality, material and colour provides almost limitless options in today’s diverse window market. And every room in your house is different, meaning potentially every window can be unique to the individual room, depending on what you are looking to achieve.

Some points to consider when choosing a window for a room:

  • Light & views – how much light do you need in your room? Large expanses of glass may be ideal for opening your room to the outside, ideal for a living space such as a kitchen or dining area, but maybe not so ideal for a bedroom or bathroom where a window also needs to provide a level of privacy. A habitable space must have a window view to the outside, of which at least 50% is clear viewing.
  • Space – in an ideal world we would be able to choose the window that we want for our room based on their merits alone. But unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world, and you do have to consider the available space when you are choosing your window type. Windows aren’t just designed to bring light into a room (as per the above point), but to provide a room with sufficient ventilation. In order to do this they have to be able to open, inwards or outwards. Or if space is limited, this is when you may consider window options that aren’t affected by space to open inwards or outwards (such as sliding windows).
  • Style – last but not least, a window is an important part of the appearance of your home, both inside and out. So once you have considered the functionality and practicality of a window, you must then consider the style. Panes of glass can be plain or can have their own unique designs included in parts. The colour you choose for your windows will determine the overall look and feel of your property inside and out. Dark frames may be appealing as they may require less frequent cleaning than a white frame, but consider the effect this will have on the appearance of a room.

You may be new to this window business (thankfully, we are not), and not even be aware of the different window types that are available to choose from. So we have selected our top four window choices for the modern home that we would consider if we were you.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are commonly found in the more contemporary home. This style is hinged on the side and swings out like a door. Fantastic for ventilation, so long as you have the space outside of your home for the windows to open into. They’re great as you can customise your own combination of panes depending on the size of the window, for example having single panes that don’t open, next to window panes that do open. Always a popular choice for many rooms in the home such as a living room, kitchen or bedroom.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are available in single, double and multi panels, and are the perfect choice if you don’t have sufficient space for opening a window inwards or outwards. They are often considered a safe option for spaces that children use, as you can limit how far they open whilst still allowing ventilation. Another great benefit of the sliding window is the easy addition of fly screens, a must have in the Sydney summer!

Awning Windows

Awning windows are available on their own or with a fixed glass window pane beneath them. They are the perfect choice for a room that requires ventilation, but at the same time privacy, such as a bathroom. They are a popular choice in the home as the option to have the opening placed at a high point means that they are safe for children’s bedrooms that require fresh air, but not the hazard of a wide open window, hinged at the top it will open on a horizontal angle, so if it’s raining outside your home won’t feel the drizzle either.

Tilt Turn Windows

Tilt turn windows are hinged on one side and open outwardly, maximising the fresh air that enters the room. As with other window types, they can be combined with single pane windows depending on how much light you want in your room or the view outside to show off. They also include a central hinge so you can tilt them vertically, which allows for further ventilation and easy cleaning of the glass pane, or to adapt to different space availabilities. These different hinging options again make them a safe choice for a bedroom that may have little people around, as the size of the opening can be limited. It also makes them a very safe and secure choice for ground floor windows.

uPVC Double Glazed Windows

Of course choosing the material that you would like your window frame to be made from is an important consideration when deciding on windows for your home too. We have written many articles about why we believe uPVC is the superior window frame of choice and the benefits of double glazing in general. You can check out our blogs here. So we will quickly recap the benefits of uPVC double glazing.

  • Energy efficient solution
  • Soundproof technology
  • Weather, fire and fade resistant frames
  • Long lasting with little maintenance
  • Multi-lock mechanisms for security

If you’re still looking for a little help in deciding which windows would be best for each room in your home, then speak to the experts. At Integra Windows our team has years of experience in projects of all sizes and budgets, and can help create a bespoke plan for your new windows for your home. Give us a call on (02) 9161 5597 or submit an enquiry online today for your no obligation, complimentary quote.


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