If you haven’t heard of bi-fold doors we would be very surprised… bifold doors have become increasingly popular in recent years, with the modern home almost expected to have a feature wall of foldable glass doors. It’s not hard to understand why they’re so popular either; bifold doors are one of the easiest ways to instantly open up your living space to the outdoors. During the colder months, they allow you to still feel like your home inside is connected to the outside with a wall of windows, and during those warmer months you can instantly connect your inside space to your outside space. Perfect for a family, entertaining guests or simply enjoying the evening breeze.

Why Bifold Doors?

So let’s look at the many reasons why bi-fold doors are becoming so popular, and hopefully answer any questions or reservations you may hold about them…

Visual Appeal

Let’s be perfectly honest, bi-fold doors look great. They turn what would have likely been a wall or fixed windows, into a highly adaptable, functional feature that can transform any room. uPVC bi-fold doors are available in a wide selection of colours, meaning that they can easily blend into your home’s design or room’s colour scheme.

Air & Light

You won’t find any other door or window system in a home that allows for so much light and air to enter a room. Bi-fold doors literally open your entire home or room up to the outside. You can sit comfortably inside and enjoy the warm breeze, soothing noises or smells of summer. The nature of the design of bi-fold doors means that an abundance of light will stream into your room, transforming any space from dull to full of life.

Expand And Evolve

There is no other way to easily move from the inside to the outside than with bi-fold doors. Whether you want to partially open the doors to allow in ventilation, the same as a smaller sliding door unit, or completely transform your space from inside to outside, bi-fold doors provide you with endless options.

Energy-Efficient Door Solutions

By introducing uPVC double glazing to your home you are already increasing the energy efficiency of your windows and doors. But uPVC bi-fold doors increases this even more. During the summer months, bi-fold doors are a fantastic way of improving the circulation in your home, in fact, no other door is able to do so at that level. And during the cooler months? The thermal efficiency of double glazed windows ensures that the heat remains inside of your home, despite the vast amount of glass that is there, a vital part of bringing that luscious low winter sun into any room.

Are Bi-Fold Doors Complicated To Install In The Home?

Bi-fold door systems are designed to work with your space and what you wish to achieve in that space. You may choose to open out one, two or even three walls with bi-fold doors, depending on your budget or your outdoor space. You can choose from different folding mechanisms for your doors, depending on the space that you have available or how you wish your doors to move. The possibilities really are endless, which is why working with experts such as Integra Windows is vital to ensure that you find the best solution that will benefit your room or home the most.

Why uPVC Bi-Fold Doors?

Bi-fold doors can be made from uPVC, wood or aluminium. So why should you choose uPVC bi-fold doors rather than a more traditional material?

  • Energy-efficient – uPVC double glazed bi-fold doors are the most energy-efficient type of bi-fold door available on the market today.
  • Low maintenance – uPVC as a material is low maintenance, which is great news for busy homeowners.
  • Noise reduction technology – when your doors are closed, you are genuinely closed off from the outside world with uPVC’s unique soundproofing technology.
  • Long-lasting – guaranteed service life of 30 years plus.
  • Fire & weather resistant – uPVC is both fire and weather resistant, unlike other door materials such as wood.
  • Available in a range of colours and styles.

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