Spring is finally here! The leaves are slowly returning to the bare trees, the beaches have started filling up and the mercury is slowly rising on thermometers around the city. Sydney has another summer scorcher predicted for this year; let’s take a look at what the Australian Bureau of Meteorology is predicting for us this year.

  • Rainfall is going to be below average across the majority of the country for the rest of the year and into early 2020. Unfortunately not the news many regional areas will be wanting to hear with draughts having such a serious effect on a lot of farmers and reservoirs.
  • Temperatures, particularly in the day time are very likely to be above average across all of Australia from November until at least January.

Double Glazing – Your Savior This Summer
So in Sydney we’re very much used to soaring temperatures during the summer months, with some of us braving the humidity with nothing more than a fan for circulation and others choosing to crank up the aircon to make those hot summer nights more bearable for the family. But no matter what you choose to do to keep your home cool, the persistence of the sun can become unbearable (and if you’re an aircon fan, expensive!), so it might be time to look to alternative solutions for keeping the home cool this summer.

This is where double glazing comes in. Double glazed windows aren’t as popular here in Australia as they are in the US and Europe, where they are the standard go to option for window installation. Let’s take a look at how double glazed windows could be the answer to your prayers this summer in Sydney…

uPVC Window Frames – the frame of a window plays a vital role in promoting an energy and cost-efficient thermal insulation solution. Not only is uPVC as a material a low conductor of heat (unlike a material such as aluminium that is a great conductor of heat), but the tight seals this material allows helps to reduce loss of the cool air inside the home, whilst preventing warm air from entering outside of the home.

Double Glazing – the two layers of glass with a void in the middle filled with a low conductive gas means that heat cannot travel through double glazed windows as easily as it can with single panes. This means that in the summer sun, double glazed windows have the ability to keep more heat out of the home, whilst helping to trap in that coveted cold air.

Weather Resistant uPVC – as well as being a fantastic material for its versatility and low-conductivity, uPVC is fantastic in all weather conditions. It will not fade in the hot Sydney summer sun, nor will it warp or change based on heavy rainfall.

Flame Retardant – for those living in rural areas that are at a high risk of bushfires during the summer months, uPVC materials are naturally flame retardant and will not cause, support or enhance the development of accidental fire, and are even self-extinguishing.

To read more about how uPVC double glazed windows can save your home on rising energy costs check out one of our previous blogs here.

It’s not too late for you to ensure your home is ready to hold strong against the hot summer we have ahead of us this year. Integra Windows manufacture our products here in our Sydney factory, meaning from quoting to installation our team have a unique ability to turn projects around quickly for our customers, whether your job be big or small! If you would like to know more about our double glazing solutions contact our team today or call us on (02) 8964 7764.


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