Windows are such an important part of our everyday life, yet we are so used to them we don’t even notice them anymore. It’s our windows that let the morning sunshine into our bedroom each day, or that let the cat watch us walk by in the street, or your viewing platform for the weather outside the office when you’re considering where to go for lunch. whether large or small, open or closed, old or new, windows play such an important part in our everyday life we thought today we’d bring to you how different they all really are, as although you may not notice, we certainly do.

Windows – Home & Away

Windows are everywhere we turn. We all have windows in our homes, whether that be in a house or a unit in an apartment block. Windows allow natural light into our rooms and can quite literally change the look and feel of your residence inside and out.

On our travels, maybe too and from work, or a quick trip to the supermarket, we come across windows. They may be the windows of our car or the windows we look out on a bus/train. We gaze into shop windows to check out what is inside or look to see how long the queue is in the shop that strong smell of wonderful coffee is coming from.

If you are at work you may not even notice how important a window is to your day. It helps you to monitor the time of day based on the sun in the sky and keeps you in touch with the world outside. We have all observed office buildings that seem to be built entirely by windows, but you would seldom find a workplace (office or not) that doesn’t have some form of window.

Types Of Windows

But all windows aren’t the same. They don’t look the same, they aren’t designed the same and they don’t have the same functionality. Each window, whether it be residential windows or commercial windows, have their own unique purpose.


Safety plays an important part in the type of window that is used in a building. For example, you have probably noticed that in high-rise commercial office buildings or hotels, windows don’t open at all. They are designed simply to allow natural light to enter a room, but for safety reasons, they cannot be opened. And usually in these types of buildings central air units means that fresh air isn’t necessarily something that is required.

But safety also comes in to play at home too. For example with young children in the home, you may not want a window that opens fully, meaning that clumsy little ones could slip out and have a nasty fall. That’s when different window styles come in. For example, tilt turn windows not only allow light into a room but also fresh air but in a way that means that ventilation doesn’t pose a risk for young children.


Depending on the size of your space, you may find that you are limited with what window options you can have that suit the needs/requirements of the room. Let’s take a bathroom window for example, you want to be able to let fresh air into these rooms (and more importantly smells out), but may not have a great deal of space. Awning windows are ideal in this situation as they hinge from the top and open outwards, meaning you can allow for ventilation even when it’s raining outside.

Another great space saver window is a sliding window, ideal for spaces where you don’t have room for windows to open in or out. If you look around you will notice this type of window is a very popular choice in Sydney, where every bit of space counts, not only in residential properties but also commercial.


Last but not least style. And a window style may be one of the very reasons that you may not notice a window in the first place. Every window is designed to fit the style of the property, as well as the practical needs of the window (allowing for light and air). Windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, materials (such as wood, uPVC, aluminium) and colours. Next time you’re walking around your neighbourhood, or walking along the high-street or in a taxi through the city, stop to take in the unique window designs that can be found all around us, adding to each building’s personality.

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