Time and space – there never seems to be enough of either in this modern world. City living means we are constantly looking to save space, whether it be in our homes or workplace. There are Facebook groups dedicated to space-saving hacks, books written by ‘organisation experts’. Yet we are still looking for the next best space-saving solution. But did we ever consider the space-saving opportunities installing the right style of windows and doors could offer us?

Sliding Windows – Saving Space

Everyone wants to make the most of natural light in a room, whether it be your home or workspace, nothing is better. So the bigger the better when it comes to windows then, right? But quite often we worry when it comes to installing larger windows; will the opening be safe? Will there be room for the sash to move inwards or outwards? Probably not. This is where sliding windows come in.

uPVC sliding windows are ideal for spaces where there isn’t room for windows to open inwards or outwards, but you still want to make the most of the natural light afforded by windows of such size. Sliding windows can be wider than they are high, meaning that they are suited to a wide variety of spaces. They are sleek and elegant, whether you choose a single sliding sash next to a fixed pane, or have two independently moving sliding sashes, allowing for increased ventilation and versatility. Sliding windows make for a stylish, space-saving solution.

uPVC windows are not just a great option for saving space (inside and out) when you are limited, whilst maintaining that much wanted natural light and ventilation, but they are also fire and weather resistant. And as with all uPVC window solutions, they are energy-saving and encompass soundproofing technology.

Sliding Doors – Saving Space, Adding Style

One of the main benefits of sliding windows as we mentioned above, is that this style of window brings a lot of light and ventilation in the form of a large window, in a restricted space. The same applies to sliding doors. Sliding doors don’t require additional space for the doors to open, close or even fold, simply sliding behind each other. Meaning they are an ideal option for saving space in the home, whilst allowing that natural light to flow and bringing the outside inside.

The options for how they work are also endless. You aren’t limited to one particular model as with other doors. uPVC sliding doors allow you to create your own system, whether you incorporate one sliding door and fixed pane glass, or several different sliding doors and no fixed pane, they can be designed to suit your property or the needs of the room/space. Sliding doors are that versatile, they can even be fitted with a tilt mechanism, allowing you to ventilate your home without having to actually open the door itself, meaning the dog won’t get out or you won’t have to worry about the kids playing outside in the rain or without sunscreen on in the summer!

There may have been concerns in the past over the safety and security of sliding doors in the home, but these concerns are now firmly fixed in the past. uPVC sliding doors have unique safety features meaning that these doors are as safe and secure as any other, but with the added bonus of being stylish and attractive. They are also easy to maintain, simply give them a wipe down to keep them clean, and they will still last for years with little to no maintenance. And like other uPVC doors, they are thermally efficient meaning you can save energy for your home, whilst also using soundproofing technology to reduce noise from the outside.

Integra Sliding Windows & Doors

Integra Windows offers bespoke sliding window and sliding door solutions for your home or workspace, allowing you to save space without saving on the style element. We have a wide variety of uPVC colour options for you to choose from, and our team will work with you to create the solution that best suits the needs of your room at home. Contact our team today for a quote for your home.


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