With the Australian economy slowing to the weakest level it has been since the global financial crisis, talks of recession finally loom. Times like this mean that businesses have to plan ahead to ensure their survival during difficult times. Is it a time to sell, or a time to invest? Where can costs be saved?

Commercial properties across Sydney are in vast supply, whether it be office spaces or warehouses, retail or manufacturing, they are available for lease or for purchase. But in the shadow of a potential recession, business owners need to start making smart decisions. Today we explore the benefits of uPVC window solutions for commercial properties; whether this is a property that may be looking to go to market for sale before a downturn and needs to be improved for potential buyers, or to attract new reliable tenants that will sign long lease agreements.

uPVC Commercial Windows Are Maintenance-Free
Let’s be honest, when you are running a business you want to keep the day to day hassles to a minimum. So maintenance of windows and doors are very much low priority items for you. That’s why double glazed uPVC windows are the ideal choice for a commercial property.

Following the initial installation, no other attention is required. uPVC as a material is weather-resistant, meaning come rain or shine it will maintain its appearance and functionality. It is also fireproof, meaning that it is a great choice for commercial property from a health and safety viewpoint. Windows need to be cleaned no more regularly than any other type of window would, but the window and door frame being made from uPVC means that no further treatment is required after installation.

Thermal Insulation – Huge Cost-Saving Potential
At a time when business owners are looking to reduce costs as much as possible, the thermal efficiency of windows and doors in a commercial property must be considered as integral. uPVC double glazed windows and doors offer the highest possible level of thermal insulation than any other type available on the market today in Australia. This means that during hot summer months when the air-con is a necessity, the running costs can be lowered dramatically as the thermal efficiency of the tight uPVC seals and the double glazing technology reduces the heat gain through windows and the loss of the cool inside air being circulated. An independent study was conducted by Efficient Living demonstrating that the overall costs of air conditioning can be reduced as much as 90% – imagine that.

During the winter months, there is no need to be concerned about windows that easily allow the cold outside to penetrate. Single glazed windows can cause issues such as condensation as the cold air outside meets the warmth of the inside, leading to even worse hygiene issues such as mould and rot. Double glazing eliminates this, as does the tight seals of the uPVC eliminating the chance of drafts. As with the summer months, uPVC windows and doors will also ensure that heating costs are kept to a minimum as the hot air can’t escape and the cold can’t penetrate the thermally efficient layer of gas between the window panes.

Overall double glazing offers huge cost-saving opportunities for business owners, meaning that if you own the property you will save money, or if this is a property that is being leased it suddenly becomes more attractive as a potential business location as again it will save the tenant costs.

Increase Of Resale Value
Commercial properties are constantly changing hands, meaning that maintaining the resale value of the property is vital to any business who plans on making long-term and sustainable profits. Resale values of commercial properties have been proven to increase anywhere between 7-10% when uPVC double glazing is used on the property. This coupled with the 30-year guarantee Integra provides for double glazing solutions, it really is the smart business investment to make for your commercial property.

Reasons To Choose Integra For Your Commercial Property

Innovative Products – our products combine the latest in European engineering with glazing developed for the tough Australian environment.

Custom Designs – the Integra Window design team has a high level of technical and customisation experience, so results are accurate and on brief.

Short Turnarounds – our efficient design-to-delivery process is up to twice as fast as competitors, providing flexibility even for tight project schedules.

Outstanding Values – Integra Windows offers very competitive pricing for builders, architects and developers thanks to our high manufacturing volume.

Enduring Results – our windows and doors are highly durable and ultra-low in maintenance so are ideal for multi-level developments.

Noise Insulation – double-glazed products offer impressive energy and noise insulation and can be manufactured to meet compliance needs.


If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of uPVC double glazing for commercial properties then contact our team today who will be able to discuss the benefits further with you as well as talk you through the success of our past commercial projects.


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