If you’re reading this you already know that at Integra Windows we manufacture, supply and install high-quality uPVC double glazed window and door solutions in Sydney. But what is so special about our product compared to our competitors? Today’s blog will allow you a unique insight into our manufacturing process right here in Sydney.

What We Do

At Integra Windows, we have one of the largest and most advanced uPVC windows and doors manufacturing plants in Australia. Our factory is located at Condell Park in Sydney, where we output around 400 windows and doors a month! And with plans for expansion this year, we will be able to at least double our manufacturing capabilities from the same central location.

How We Do It

At Integra we are proud to offer our customers a high-quality European product that has been manufactured here in Australia. We source our LED free window profiles (window frames) from a leading supplier in Europe. It is then cut to size in our warehouse here in Sydney, using automated top of the line equipment sourced from Germany.

uPVC is such a versatile material allowing for a variety of styles, colours and fittings, but to ensure that it is strong and long-lasting all of our uPVC window frames use galvanised steel reinforcement, ensuring the rigidity of the windows/doors no matter the size. For example, aluminium windows have the equivalent of the galvanised steel exposed on the outside/it is the actual window frame. However our uPVC windows and doors encase the structural component (galvanised steel) of the product into a non-conductive shell (uPVC); this is what makes our windows and doors thermally efficient, weather & fire resistant, and noise reduction capabilities.

The hardware that we use on our windows and doors is also German made. All of our hardware comes with multiple point locking systems to allow more airtight closing, providing further security.

Even though our unique uPVC windows and doors are made with the highest quality European materials and manufacturing equipment, our glass is supplied by some of the biggest Australian suppliers (ACG & Viridian), and all windows and doors are quality checked by the experts before they are dispatched for installation.

Save Time & Money With Integra Windows

At Integra Windows we take charge of the entire process of manufacturing our windows and doors. This allows us to be much more efficient than other providers, enabling us to lower production costs. Lower costs that we pass on to our customers.

Have a project that you need to be turned around quickly? Sick of finding the perfect bespoke product but then finding out it takes months to deliver? Well, there is no need to worry with Integra, as having our own factory and manufacturing the majority of required components in-house means that our production times can be as quick as 2 – 4 weeks, from order to delivery. Of course, this will depend on the time of year, with winter being our quieter period, but as we are delivering our own products we are flexible and have full control over booking our manufacturing projects. Our factory is so busy that means that sometimes we can be booked 4 – 5 months in advance, but don’t let that put you off, it doesn’t mean we can’t turn your project around quicker, it just means we’re great at what we do and we’re in high demand.


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